Homestead Tsunami

Whether we’re in good times or bad, having some control of our basic needs reduces worry and fear. Social, cultural, and physical disturbances are making more people ready to protect our families, fortunes, and faith through homesteading.

From his 66-year farm, food, and family experience, Joel Salatin explains why people flee cities during uncertainty. The current urba-to-rural exodus offers a promised land haven of hope and help in turbulent times.

From food security to healthy, happy kids, functional homesteads head on multiple fronts. Whether you’re thinking about it, tired of it, or baffled why your friends are packing, the rewards are worth the effort. Find out why.

Millions of people want to disentangle from urban, social, economic, and food dependency but have trouble articulating their intuitions. This book gives voice to these heart yearnings.

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